MA3 News

MA3 has recently announced new postal matches for the beginning mounted archer. Below is the letter describing the new format.

Dear MA3 members, we are excited to announce our first ever postal match for students, new members, and non-ranked horse archers. This match is open to all current MA3 members regardless of club affiliation. Ranked horse archers may also compete and feel free to turn in score sheets, which will help us with data for future course creation, but your scores will not be published. Sorry, this one’s for the students!

These courses are meant to be simple and geared toward our beginners. This postal match will help inform an upcoming new student ranking and skill building system, to run concurrent with but separate from the existing MA3 student ranks. The new system will have courses with more flexibility, allowing for horse archers to use an arena, short track, standard track, or field. They will also hopefully provide some safe ideas for arena shooting in a demo environment, and allow for walk trot and canter.

With courses that can be set up in an arena, riders without a 90 meter track can join in, and it opens up the possibility of participating during the off-season when some of our tracks are unusable.

The Challenge:

Each competitor will have until September 21st to complete two runs of the newly created “Arena Single” and two runs of either the “Arena Double” or “Arena Double Round-up” making four runs total. The option of competing on the Arena Round-Up course may be more appealing to those with smaller arenas, as it allows for more space between the two targets. See attached forms for individual course set up and rules.

*You may walk, trot, or canter, but must declare which before starting.
*You may take as many non shooting warm-up runs as needed to feel comfortable.
*You may take one shooting warm-up run before starting.
*Even though the courses are called “Arena” double and single they can be set up on a track, or field as well and the same rules apply. Since this is not timed the course length is at rider or club leader discretion.
*Each competitor has the option to do the postal up to 3 times between now and September 21st, (no more than one per day) and turn in their highest score.